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Green Chef Recipe Boxes

6 Diet Options Available In The Green Chef Recipe Boxes

If you didn’t know already that you can get premium, fresh foods delivered straight to your door with recipe cards that show you how to easily create restaurant-quality meals in record time then it’s about time you learnt about Green Chef.

Green Chef

Green Chef recipe cards allow you to select your chosen meals, cook them at home and enjoy the best food you will have ever created. It takes under 5 minutes to order online and you simply wait for it to turn up at your door. Don’t worry the food is insulated, protected, chilled and as fresh as you’d find it in the supermarket. The meats are also vacuum packed which ensures they are super fresh and don’t get damaged on the way to your door.

Green Chef Recipe Boxes

Some delicious recipes that you might see available on Green Chef include creamy tomato wholewheat fusilli, ginger and peanut sweet potato curry and smokey kidney bean chilli. What’s best about Green Chef is that they cater for almost all dietary requirements.

6 Diet Options Available In The Green Chef Recipe Boxes

When ordering your Green Chef recipe box you will be happy to learn that they have 6 diet options available which are:

  1. Vegan
  2. Vegetarian
  3. Lower Carb
  4. Flexitarian
  5. Keto
  6. Pescatarian
Green Chef Recipe Boxes

Simply select your preference and pick from the meals available. Green Chef recipes offer a unique discount where you can receive your first box for 45% off and your 1st two boxes and 25% off the next 2 which means you save around £46 across your first 4 boxes if on the 3 meals/2 people plan. Get yours now using our Green Chef Discount Code GREENGYM on their Website.

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