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Applied Nutrition Unveils New Love Hearts BodyFuel Collab

Applied Nutrition is once again taking us on a trip down memory lane with a nostalgic collaboration that will tug right on your heartstrings. 

Earlier this year the brand teamed up with confectionary legend Swizzels to bring its iconic flavours to the supplement game. 

Their initial work saw Applied Nutrition’s BodyFuel released in ‘Drumstick Original Raspberry’, alongside several other sweet-inspired drops. 

Now, it has added another classic to that roster with the launch of Love Hearts BodyFuel.

Announcing the news to fans, Applied Nutrition said: “As we have continued to work alongside Swizzels, we have managed to replicate the instant classic Love Hearts flavour, which has been a fan favourite to all sweet lovers for as long as we can remember!

applied nutrition love hearts bodyfuel

“Love Hearts is the 8th flavour in the BodyFuel™ range. Having only come out in December last year, we think it is safe to say that the electrolyte and vitamin water has taken the soft drink market by storm, outselling some of the biggest and most established soft drink brands at several national and retail stores, not to mention the recent success of BodyFuel™ featuring in Lidl GB whilst stocks lasted.”

What’s more, the supplement giant has teased that there’s plenty more to come for sweet-toothed fans. 

It added: “As Applied Nutrition continue our exclusive partnership with Swizzels Sweets, make sure you keep your eyes out for more delicious flavour collaborations across our extensive sports and active nutrition range to be the first to know what classic flavour is coming next!”

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