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Gymfluencers Approved: Veloforte Protein Shakes

Veloforte, a leading name in fitness nutrition, has captured the attention of gym enthusiasts and wellness advocates with its line of Protein Super-Shakes. These shakes aren’t just any ordinary protein supplements; they’re a blend of wellness and performance, merging delicious flavors with health benefits. With a special promotion of 30% off using the code GF30, these shakes are becoming a staple in fitness routines.

Veloforte Protein Shakes: A Symphony of Flavor and Health

Veloforte’s range includes flavors like Vanilla & Cinnamon, Coffee & Cocoa, Raspberry & Acai, and Banana & Cocoa, each earning high ratings from users. The shakes are more than just tasty; they’re crafted to support muscle recovery, gut health, and overall wellbeing.

Key Features That Set Them Apart

  • All-Natural Complete Protein: Each shake contains up to 20g of complete protein, including all nine essential amino acids and up to 3g of BCAAs.
  • Adaptogens and Super Spices: Ingredients like ashwagandha, maca, ginseng, turmeric, and cinnamon are used for their anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic properties.
  • Gut Health Support: These shakes are enriched with prebiotics and anti-inflammatory superfoods to promote a healthy gut.
  • Award-Winning Taste: Veloforte prides itself on great taste, backed by multiple Great Taste Awards.

Why Choose Veloforte Protein Shakes?

velofote protein shakes

These shakes are perfect for anyone looking for a nutritious post-workout recovery drink or a daily health boost. They are designed to support lean muscle mass, enhance energy levels, and promote hormone and enzyme production. Plus, they’re suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

Additional Benefits

  • Free UK Delivery: Veloforte offers free delivery on orders over £40.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with the taste, Veloforte promises to make it right.
  • Sustainability Commitment: Veloforte is dedicated to sustainability in its products and packaging.


Veloforte’s Protein Super-Shakes are not just another addition to your gym bag; they are a fusion of taste, health, and wellness. With the current 30% off promotion using code GF30, now is the perfect time to try these gymfluencer-approved shakes and experience the difference in your fitness and recovery routine. Visit the Veloforte website here now to shop.

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