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gns's High Protein Chicken Meals

High Protein Chicken Meals: The Hack by GSN You Need To Know

If you’re on a mission to build muscle, lose fat, or just eat a bit healthier, then you’re probably well aware that getting enough protein in your diet is key. And you’re also probably well aware that it’s not always as simple as it seems to hit your protein goals every day. Well we’re about to make things a lot easier for you by letting you in on our secret protein-packed weapon – high protein chicken meals from GSN.

The ready meals and frozen, cooked chicken pieces from GSN are the ultimate hack for anyone looking to up their protein intake without spending hours in the kitchen. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just trying to eat a bit healthier, the high protein chicken meals and morsels are about to become your new best friend. Plus, you can save 5% off your order with GSN by using the discount code GF5


GSN was founded by Craig Allen back in 2012. He had a simple idea back then, that gym-goers and students would love the convenience of frozen, steam-cooked chicken to help them make eating healthy meals that bit easier.

Since those early days he’s grown GSN to be one of the UK’s leading healthy frozen food brands, stocked in hundreds of shops and gyms across the country. You can also find the brand’s fantastic range of foods on the GSN website and have them delivered straight to your door.

All of GSN’s foods have been created with one simple idea in mind – that eating healthy food should be easy. They’re all designed to be high in protein, low in sugar and salt, and almost effortless for you to enjoy at home.

The range includes high-protein wraps and pizzas, and GSN’s best-selling Pot of Gold ready meals. We love the fact that, on top of tasting amazing, all the GSN meals make eating well and getting enough protein so simple. You can cook them straight from frozen, or defrost them overnight before heating. There’s no prep to be done, no mess to be made, just heat and eat. Perfect!

Our top pick though, for making hitting your protein goals almost effortless, is making high protein chicken meals using GSN’s chicken bites.

High Protein Chicken Meals

Grab the GSN Chicken Bites bundle for £30 and stock your freezer with great-tasting, ready-cooked roast chicken pieces. 

You can pick and choose which three packs of bites you want to include in the bundle, but my advice is to get one of each flavour. That way you can have that extra bit of variety to make different high protein chicken meals and to enjoy just as a snack.

The three flavours of GSN Chicken Bites are Salt & Pepper, Smokey BBQ, and Spicy Fajita. 

High Protein Chicken Meals | salt and pepper chicken

The Salt & Pepper chicken bites are made with incredible Chinese flavours, seasoned with a mix of chilli, ground spices, ginger, garlic, onion, pepper, and paprika. Each serving gives you 25g of lean protein for just 130 calories, so it’s a great snack to enjoy after a workout to refuel.

We love the Salt & Pepper chicken bites for whipping up a tasty fakeaway. Just cook them up with some onions and peppers, and serve with rice or noodles topped with chopped spring onions.

If you fancy more of a grab-and-go option, then try filling a tortilla wrap with some of the Spicy Fajita chicken bites, some chopped lettuce and peppers, and maybe some sour cream or salsa. 

High Protein Chicken Meals | spicy fajita chicken

Made with cumin, smoked paprika, onion, lemon, basil, parsley, and coriander, these bites have an authentic Mexican flavour and work just as well in rice dishes or on top of a pizza. Each serving comes in at 122 calories and gives you an impressive 25.9g of protein.

The last of the three flavours, Smokey BBQ, is also perfect on a pizza, but also works really well in pasta dishes. These bites are made with a spice mix that gives them that classic BBQ flavour and includes tomato, hickory smoke, garlic, and smoked paprika. A serving gives you 25.4g of protein and just 126 calories.

High Protein Chicken Meals | hickory bbq chicken

Whichever flavour you fancy, with these bites stashed in your freezer you can whip up high protein chicken meals in minutes. You can cook them up from frozen or grab a portion out and defrost it in the fridge overnight, ready to go the next day.

They really are the ultimate hack when it comes to upping your protein intake. Healthy, tasty, and easy, they’re the perfect snack for after the gym and an easy addition to your meals.

The fact that GSN chicken bites are frozen means that you’ll reduce the amount of food you waste by only ever taking out what you need from the freezer each time. It also means that you get as much goodness from them as possible, with freezing being the perfect way to naturally preserve nutrients and flavours without tons of additives and unnecessary nasties. 

So what are you waiting for? Stock your freezer with GSN chicken bites and you’ll always be able to whip up great-tasting, high protein chicken meals without the fuss of cooking everything from scratch. And remember, if you use our GSN discount code GF5 you can save 5% off your order.

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