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Is Gymshark Limitless Worth The Hype? 

Gymshark have dropped their new Limitless range, which they’ve been subtly teasing for a while, but before you rush out and snap up all the pieces there’s one thing you need to know – is the Limitless range lit and worth the hype? Or should you save your pennies?

We’ve taken a look at the range and first impressions are good. The pieces include staples like shorts, leggings, cami tanks, and sports bras, as well as a couple of stand out items like the crop top which is a bit bolder with its design.

All the pieces in the Limitless range have been created with high-tech design and an elite-level feel which is meant to minimise distractions, so you can focus on your form during your workout, rather than fiddling with your ‘fit.

gymshark limitless

The leggings, shorts, and tops are all made with sweat-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry, and the colours Gymshark have chosen are all pretty classic and look fantastic. The only negative worth noting is that the shorts and leggings can appear sheer when they’re stretched, so ladies, you might want to be mindful of what you wear under them if you’re planning on a squat-heavy workout.

All in all though, if you’re looking to upgrade your workout wardrobe, it’s well worth checking out the Limitless range for yourself. Prices range from  £40 for the Limitless Cami Tank to £60 for the leggings.

Visit the Gymshark website here to shop now.

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