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james smith on ag1 greens

James Smith Explores If Athletics Greens Are Worth The Hype? 

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok over the last year then chances are you’ve seen James Smith pop up on the FYP, talking straight facts about the health and fitness industry.

Smith is known for his blunt, no-nonsense videos where he breaks down the truth about fad diets and exercise regimes in an effort to help people see past the hype and find the facts that’ll actually help them get fitter and healthier.

The latest trend he’s been talking about is greens powders. Specifically the much talked about AG1, previously known as Athletic Greens.

In a recent YouTube video Smith asks the question, is AG1 worth the hype? And the simple answer, in his opinion, is no.

Is AG1 (Athletic Greens) Worth The Hype?!

AG1 is a hugely popular supplement and is promoted by loads of big names in the online influencer world, who shout about the benefits that are said to include better gut health, a boosted immune system, more energy, and better recovery after exercise. 

What James points out though, is that you can get those same benefits from eating a decent range of fruits and vegetables. Which costs you a whole lot less than the £90 a one-month supply of AG1 will set you back!

For the full breakdown of why exactly Smith doesn’t think AG1 is worth the hype, pop over to YouTube and give the video a watch. And in the meantime, follow his advice and save your pennies and work on eating a diverse, whole-food based diet instead of splashing out on an expensive greens powder. 

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