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JSHealth + Hair supplement

JSHealth Hair + Energy Capsules Review

If we’re being honest, there are a million and one remedies out there that claim to boost hair health and growth. Some contain organic and effective ingredients, but unfortunately, many others are just placebo.

JSHealth is one of those companies that actually put their money where their mouth is. Their Hair+ Energy Formula does exactly what it sounds like – helps hair grow longer and stronger, with remarkable strength. But that’s not all; the supplement promotes the user’s energy levels.

What’s in the JSHealth Hair+ Energy Capsules?

JShealth supplements

Each capsule contains multiple active ingredients, including:

  • Fucus vesiculosus whole plant extract: This plant is also called Bladder wrack, and it is an excellent remedy for anti-ageing, stimulating growth, and supporting overall health.
  • Ascophyllum nodosum blade and stem powder: This algae is a kind of brown seaweed that’s popular for providing healthy amounts of mineral iodine as well as other health benefits.

Other ingredients include:

  • Magnesium stearate (An anti-caking agent)
  • Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (Vegetable capsule shell)
  • Microcrystalline cellulose (Bulking agent)

Unique Benefits of the Hair+ Energy Capsules

The capsules are unique because they use two pure kelp materials that promote hair growth and hair. Each ingredient is 100% organic, sourced with care and tested on multiple hair types.

The Hair+ Formula is also great because it doesn’t contain many of the harmful chemicals you’ll find in other hair products like Gluten, Sugar, and Artificial Sweeteners. 

These hair supplements are great for people who are allergic to lactose, MSG, nuts and similar products. That makes it one of the most tolerable hair growth products on the market.

The icing on the cake is that all JSHealth products are recyclable in the normal household recycling bin. Once you’re done, you can add it to the PET recyclable plastic section to help conserve the environment.

How does the JSHealth Hair+ Energy Capsule work?

The vitamins support healthy hair and lasting energy throughout your day. By delivering a healthy dose of Iodine, the supplement helps to restore hair strength and volume, while also supporting natural growth. Contained inside is also Zin which isn’t just great for your hair, but skin and nails as well. 

Earlier we mentioned how the Hair+ Energy Capsule can help boost energy levels. Well, it’s all thanks to the Iodine. You see, iodine is critical for the production of thyroid hormones that help to regulate energy production.

So by delivering a healthy dose of iodine, the supplements support its function and help boost your energy levels.

How to use the Hair+ Energy Capsules

All you have to do is take one tablet with breakfast and you’re good to go. 

When you visit the JSHealth website, you can pay a one-time fee of £19.99 and buy a bottle of the hair supplement. Or, you could subscribe to get a bottle every few months for £15.99 a bottle, saving on your purchase.

You can head to the JSHealth website now and use promo code UKGF20 for a 20% discount on your Hair+ energy capsules order, as well as free shipping. 

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