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JSHealth: The Ultimate Supplements & Vitamins Brand

JSHealth is without a doubt one of the biggest names in the wellness space right now, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. 

Founded in 2018 by Jessica Sepel and her husband, the brand was built from a desire to help people reclaim control over their health and shine through “better vitamins”.

Fast forward a few years and JSHealth’s offerings go above and beyond the initial brief. 

While its bread and butter is still very much its varied range of top-quality supplements, Jessica has also created an app, healthy living books, and an eight-week Kickstarter programme to help people on their path to elevated well-being. 

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at all things JSHealth, and better acquaint you with both the brand and owner. 

The Birth Of JSHealth


I’ve already briefly introduced you to the owner of JSHealth, Jessica Sepel, so I think the logical place to start is by giving you the down-low on her backstory. 

Born in South Africa in 1989, Jessica moved to Sydney, Australia when she was 13, and it was there that her passion for supplements developed.

While she was still in her early teens she watched her grandparents take them daily, which, as she recalled, piqued her interest. 

So, it comes as no surprise that she went on to earn herself a Bachelor’s Degree in Health as well as an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine at Macquarie University.

After graduating Jessica struggled with fad dieting and issues with body image. 

Like so many others, she channelled her feelings into a blog, where she would write open and honest accounts of how she managed her demons and came out the other side a healthier, stronger individual. 

That blog, and its impact on others who were suffering from similar plights, set her on a path to becoming an author – and a three-time best-selling one at that. 

Eventually, Jessica decided to use her expertise to improve an industry which she felt was lacking in quality supplements, along with the help of her husband, Dean Steingold. 

She invested $40,000 of her savings to create JSHealth, with the idea of selling her products in small, boutique pharmacies. 

She wildly underestimated the brand’s potential, however, as it instead grew into the global empire that we all know and love today. 

Current estimations have the Sydney couple’s net worth at $426 million. With JSHealth now expanding with an office in the United States, that figure could yet grow. 

The JSHealth Difference 

It’s fair to say JSHealth is a passion project of Jessica’s, which is why, in the beginning, she made it her mission to find the right supplier that could guarantee the quality she felt people deserved. 

JSHealth promises targeted formulas with minimal fillers, binders, colours and preservatives to support specific health needs. That’s why the names of the formulas reflect their purpose.

Its range covers everything from collagen to protein bars and powders, and you can get them for 20% off using our JSHealth discount code, UGK20 on checkout.

jshealth detox and debloat

One of our personal favourites is the global best-selling Detox + Debloat formula

Inspired by a double-benefit approach, this blend helps cleanse your digestive system and liver. It’s based on traditional Western herbal medicine and includes natural healers such as Milk Thistle, Turmeric, Fennel, and Broccoli. 

If you’re someone that’s often blighted by digestive discomfort and a rumbling belly, then this one could be perfect for you. 

Another fan favourite is the Hair + Energy blend. This formula not only supports hair health and growth but also helps maintain energy levels through the use of Iodine. 


Plus, there’s no need to jump in the shower to use it, simply take one of the hard capsules with a glass of water. 

To view JSHealth’s full range head over to the website. Be sure to use our discount code ‘UKGF20‘ at the checkout for 20% off.

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