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MattDoesFitness Gym Cost £60,050 To Build 

If you’ve been following Matt Morsia, AKA MattDoesFitness, for a while you’ll know that he’s currently in the process of building a new home, and while the house itself isn’t finished, his epic home gym is, and on his YouTube channel, he revealed what he’s put in there and how much it all cost.

The building itself has been built from scratch, which cost Matt £34,000, and he’s decked out the interior in black, right down to the paint on the walls and the tiles on the floor. And those tiles? They set him back £1750!

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Luckily for Matt, pretty much all the equipment in his home gym was gifted to him by Bulldog Gear, and he has squeezed a fair bit of kit in there.

There’s a half squat rack, an impressive collection of dumbbells, and a leg press machine, among other things. If you’re looking at building your own gym though Matt recommends starting with a dual cable pulley, which was the only machine he had for a while.

The total cost of everything from the building and fixtures to all the equipment and kit was a pretty whopping £60,050, which may well be out of budget for most of us. But Matt does offer some sound advice to look at places like Facebook marketplace for bargains if you’re putting your own home gym together and to think about your fitness goals, the space you have available, and the equipment you enjoy using to prioritise where you spend your money.

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