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MattDoesFitness Trains Like A Professional Footballer

MattDoesFitness Trains Like A Professional Footballer After Horrific Injury

The UK’s No.1 fitness vlogger Matt Morsia, or MattDoesFitness as he’s commonly known, put his body to the test by eating and training like a professional footballer for 24 hours. 

In what was another hit video, the chiselled content creator headed for the Radcliffe Group in Crewe – an elite performance and physiotherapy centre run by none other than Manchester United’s ex-head physio Matt Radcliffe. 

A host of top Premier League stars visit the Radcliffe Group to get back to their best after a nasty injury, and with MattDoesFitness on the road back from an issue with his Achilles, the challenge was a perfect fit. 

Eating & Training like a PREMIER LEAGUE FOOTBALLER for 24 HOURS...

To kickstart the day, he was allowed to tuck into two toasted wholemeal bagels with half an avocado and two poached eggs on top. A bowl of berries with four tablespoons of natural yoghurt and a drizzle of honey accompanied that for extra protein and carbohydrates. 

To wash it all down, he was allowed 500ml of water to get him hydrated and set up for the task ahead.

Having already been at the centre for a day, Matt was on the second stage of his rehab, otherwise known as the quantity day. This entails a lot of hard yards to get endurance levels back up to where they need to be after weeks and months on the treatment table. 

To kick it off, he was given a sports massage with a special focus on the affected Achilles tendon. Then followed a whole host of brutal rehabilitation stretches and movements aimed to target the recovering tendon. 

Following two hours of pre-activation exercises, an exhausted-looking MattDoesFitness jokingly said: “This is ridiculous, no one should do exercise for that long under any circumstances.”

Lunch was a welcomed reprieve and consisted of a salmon poke bowl with sushi and granola with yoghurt and nuts. 

A gruelling session on the bike followed, with Matt Radcliffe pushing the influencer up the resistance scale. 

He finished the day rigged up to a Wesley Snipes-style suit designed to send electric pulses to the muscles amid a series of contractions.

“I’m officially announcing my retirement from all forms of activity,” he added. “I’m going to become a gamer, I’ll play Call of Duty mate. 

“I’m a broken man, literally feel like a shell of my former self. It is just the complete opposite of what I usually do. My training has pretty much always been about short bursts and long recoveries, and that is the opposite.”

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