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Pentire: The Brand Behind Delicious Botanical Non-Alchoholic Spirits

The summer is here and the temptation to enjoy another gin whilst enjoying the sun has arrived but designated drivers, those watching their macros, and some of us (like me) wanting to officially cut back can now turn to Pentire Non-Alcoholic spirits.


Crafted for active living, Pentire has created a range of drinks that in my opinion no others can rival. The story goes that Pentire, founded by Alistair Frost who is an avid camper, hiker, and all-round outdoorsman stumbled upon unexpected bounty whilst foraging the hedgerows. With incredible smells and taste, he thought to turn them into drinks that he could enjoy whilst living his active lifestyle. This meant no alcohol and more than anything incredible tasting.

Pentire: The Brand Behind Delicious Botanical Non-Alchoholic Spirits

Using the most delicious botanicals you can expect your senses to get hit first and then your tastebuds straight after. Anyways, onto the drinks!

Pentire now offers a vast range of products which includes:

  1. Pentire Adrift
  2. Pentire Seaward
  3. Pentire Coastal Spritz
  4. Pentire Margarita
  5. Pentire Seaward and Tonic RTD cans
  6. Pentire Adifrst and Tonic RTD cans

Plus a host of tonics, cups, and merchandise!

Pentire Review

Being sent a mixture of products we are going to focus on the Pentire & Tonic cans as these are absolutely ideal for anyone wanting to celebrate a hike, lie on the beach with a drink, or just have something delicious to enjoy when you’re not wanting to involve alcohol. What Pentire did here was just like most drink brands, mix the spirit (non-alcoholic) with tonic, can it, and let us enjoy it without all the mixing ourselves and wow it worked.

Pentire: The Brand Behind Delicious Botanical Non-Alchoholic Spirits

As soon as you pull the ring back you get an instant hit of the botanicals which is exactly what you are used to when having a gin/tonic with a garnish such as rosemary or grapefruit, then the drinking itself… a delicious, smooth, full of flavour and quite honestly gin and tonic tasting drink! It was literally like drinking a gin and tonic with a garnish. So much so that I had to double-check it was not actually so.

A crisp, slightly bitter tonic and citrussy grapefruit is what it delivered. Writing this I am actually craving one and that’s the best thing about Pentire… I can actually go grab one now and drink it whilst working. BONUS! The two canned flavours are Seaward and Adrift and for me, Seaward was the clear winner. Seaward is citrus and Adrift is herby!

Pentire Price

A pack of 12 cans on the subscribe & save plan costs only £30.60 which works out to be just £2.55 per can which is around 1/3 of an average gin and tonic and tastes just as good (if not better). You can find the full list of products and prices on the Pentire website Here.


Sorry to be the boring one here but this is Gymfluencers and we always have to talk about the macros! Each 100ml has a breakdown of 16kcal, 0g of fat, 2.9g of carbs, and 0g of protein. Yep, you just read all of that right? It is the absolute perfect macro-friendly drink that is non-alcoholic, well-priced, and damn delicious.

What else is there to say apart from Go buy some Here? Incredibly impressed by this brand and super excited for my next can. Enjoy!

Pentire Discount Code

Didn’t think we were just going to leave it there, did you? You can now use our 15% off Pentire Discount Code GF15 at checkout Here.

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