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Tom Brady Launches TB12 Supplements & Plant-Based Protein Powder

Tom Brady Launches TB12 Supplements & Plant-Based Protein Powder

Tom Brady is quite possibly now the most famous sports star in the world and is most known for being an elite America Football quarterback who has played for Tampa Bay for the past 18 years. Married to Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady and his wife are health addicts who believe in hard workouts, a plant-based diet and a sustainable lifestyle. Typically, sports titans like Tom are sponsored by major health brands such as Michael Jordan and Nike, Cristiano Ronaldo with Herbalife and Steph Curry with Under Armour but that was not going to be the case for Brady as he has launches his own brand, TB12 supplements and plant-based protein powder.

Tom Brady Introduces the TB12 Immunity Game Plan

Tom Brady Launches TB12 Supplements & Plant-Based Protein Powder

Plant-based protein is continually growing in the supplement space due to its sustainability, plain taste which can be added easily to any mix and of course it’s incredible health benefits that include high-quality protein, a great source of iron and none inflammation properties. Other companies such as MyProtein and Bulk have revolutionised pea protein but had very little effect on shifting the none plant-based community so with Tom Brady being the star and owner behind the TB12 brand we are confident this is about to change.

Tom Brady has introduced the TB12 method which is said to be an holistic approach to health and wellness where they prioritise focus, performance and recovery. Not only can you find supplements and activewear but they have also launched the TB12 body coach program that helps you find a coach to push you to achieve your goals and who help with nutrition, pliability, functional strength and conditioning plans.

Tom Brady Launches TB12 Supplements & Plant-Based Protein Powder
BOSTON, MA – SEPTEMBER 17: Alex Guerrero, left to right, co-founder of TB12 Performance & Fitness, New England Patriots player Tom Brady and John Burns, CEO of TB12 Performance & Fitness at the grand opening of the TB12 Performance & Recovery Center on September 17, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

The leading TB12 product is their $90 nutrition box that contains:

  1. 12* TB12 protein bars.
  2. 12* TB12 electrolyte packets.
  3. 12 * TB12 protein packs.

This is actually a fairly good offering that allows you to taste and try a lot of the TB12 products at a reasonable price. The leading standalone product is the TB12 Plant-Based Protein that delivers 24g of protein per serving with 0g of sugar and 130 calories per serving. Available in Mixed Berry and vanilla there are limited options but both are rumoured to taste great and contain some of the highest quality ingredients in the supplement market. Throughout the TB12 you can also find:

  1. TB12 Sleep.
  2. Activewear inc jumpers, tshirts and hoodies.
  3. Electrolyte powder.
  4. Water bottles and accessories.
  5. Whey protein isolate.
  6. TB12 perform.
  7. Recover.
  8. Protect.
  9. Multivitamins.
  10. Gym equipment and much more.
Tom Brady Explains TB12 Nutrition

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