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prime hydration now at game stores

UK Game Stores Sell PRIME! 

Big news Prime fans! There’s now another spot on the highstreet for you to get your hands on your favourite hydration drink, because UK Game stores now sell Prime!

That’s right. You can now pick up a bottle of the hit hydration drink while you pick out your latest gaming obsession from Game. 

And Prime is pretty perfect for keeping your hydration levels up during those epic gaming sessions, thanks to its mix of coconut water, BCAAs, antioxidants, and electrolytes.

The insanely popular drink from KSI and Logan Paul comes in a range of tasty flavours including Ice Pop, Blue Raspberry, and Tropical Punch, but you’ll have to check out your local Game to see which ones they have in stock.

The drinks are only available at selected stores at the moment though, so if you’re heading out just to get your hands on some Prime it might be worth phoning ahead to make sure it’s worth the trip. And if the scenes of chaos in the supermarket have taught us anything it’s that you might want to keep the news to yourself if your local Game does have some bottles in stock!

You can also visit the Prime store here now to shop PRIME!

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