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Vitl Vitamins

Vitl Vitamins Is Your Personal Daily Reminder To Be Healthy

Vitl Vitamins is a small and young, yet a dynamic company that promotes living life better with personalised nutrition through a tailor-made daily vitamin.

Vitl Vitamins

Vitl vitamins are personalised, vegan-friendly and non-GMO. A bit sceptical? Let us take a walk through how Vitl ranks for living up to this personalised goodness.

Health Check Quiz

To start off there is an interactive, entertaining assessment to determine the type of vitamin that would best be suited to you. This consists of a whole host of questions such as age, gender, diet, health goals, lifestyle (sleep pattern, food choices and active regime) and so forth. This approach is similar to a nutritionist’s in determining what would best suit you and your lifestyle.

This assessment uses an in-house system to create the combination for your personalised vitamin pill. The experience of completing these questions gives the sense that there is a choice in the contribution to the vitamin, resulting in a feeling of being empowered and unique. The personalised vitamin differs from a generic multivitamin on the shelf, as it is formulated with the aim in mind of your specified goals.

After completing your assessment, the knowledge obtained by the system uses an expert-approved algorithm to formulate the best ingredients for your daily intake. The supplement is formulated based on the outcome of the assessment and ready for you to order. The ingredients making up the basis for your product, are also explained so that you are able to understand the formulation for your produced unique pill:

Vitl Vitamins

Personalised Vitamins

Your personalised order is then delivered to your door, in the cutest yellow jar. Yellow represents the cheerful colour for the delightful process. The delivery is fairly swift through royal mail, with the tracking thereof provided. The delivery is packaged admirably, with the jar being made for you by having your name on the yellow label as a finishing touch:

The jar bottle contains a 30-day supply of vitamins that are free from harmful bulking agents, anti-caking agents, artificial colours and preservatives, sugar and gluten. This provides just the specific vitamins and minerals your body needs. Talk about only putting goodness into your body, to help you feel your best! All this for £14.95 a month.


Still sceptical? Try out your first month for free, with the code GFFREE and just pay for shipping. The subscription is a monthly package with the option to pause or cancel at any time.

The health goals for your lifestyle continue after delivery, with additional knowledge offered. After receiving your Vitl product, the Vitl team personally welcome you with creating a space for all to share top tricks, nutrition and supplement advice. The team of experts also check in to see how you are doing after the first week or so. This is sounding like value for money to me, with a great sense of community.

Vitl Vitamins

My vitamin is Essential One which I usually take around lunchtime as this is when my main meal of the day is. The noticeable changes have been energy, better sleep and great skin. Here’s to seeing what other benefits will come to light after completing my first subscription pack.

Vitl Vitamin. Rolls off the tongue quite nicely, both figuratively and literally. This vegan capsule is easily absorbed with food when taken daily. The capsule itself is formulated using pure, natural ingredients with the avoidance of artificial sweeteners to improve the taste of the tablet. The smell is not as great as the taste so be sure to pop your daily vitamin straight in your mouth to keep the morning routine pleasant.

VITL, the one supplement for the one you.

Personalised Vitamins Created for You. Vitl's TV Advert.

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