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We Tried The UK´s First Nootropic Gummy

It can often feel like every week there’s a new health craze that you MUST try, which promises to ‘fix’ all your problems and with a promise of absolutely no side effects. What’s more, with terminology such as ‘adaptogen’, ‘phytochemical’ and ‘antioxidant’ floating around, it can be incredibly confusing to wade through the science and understand what supplement is best for you.

Luckily, the brand of first ever nootropic gummy, YIELD, have made it simpler than ever. First of all, you can get the amazing product for 20% off using our YIELD Discount Code, GFYIELD20 on checkout.

On their website, they simply yet effectively lay out the properties of their gummies, which contain both mushrooms, herbal supplements and amino acids which promise to yield positive cognitive effects. As a student who wants to keep sharp at the library, without tiring out or losing a sleep schedule, I couldn’t wait to try these!

But what are Nootropics? The term ‘nootropic’ pretty much refers to any natural or synthetic substance that has a positive impact on cognitive function. YIELD’s nootropic gummy is a form of dietary supplement, containing a unique blend of mushrooms and key nutrients that improve various cognitive skills such as focus, memory, sleep and mood.

The UK’s first nootropic gummy consists of 4 key ingredients: Lion’s Mane mushroom, Zinc, Ginkgo Biloba, and L-Theanine. Lion’s mane is an adaptogen known to boost memory and concentration, whilst also aiding in digestion. Zinc and Ginkgo Biloba share similar cognitive boosting properties, while L-Theanine enhances the part of the brain concerned with sleep and mood. As a student who works, studies and sleeps with a constantly varying schedule, I found the L-Theanine properties most useful in regulating my sleep and how I felt day-to-day.

What really makes me trust YIELD and the ingredients they use is the Blog they have on the website, which contains engaging yet informative articles about the adaptogenic qualities of Reishi and Lion’s Mane Mushrooms, and also how to take the nootropic gummies/what improvement you should be seeing.

YIELD’s Top 5 benefits of taking their Nootropic

Increased Focus and Concentration

Nootropic supplements containing L-Theanine can help improve your focus, allowing you to concentrate longer on tasks without getting distracted

Nootropics Can Help With Socialising

Ingredients such as Lion’s Mane mushroom improve secretion of Nerve Growth Factor, an important molecule that increases blood flow to the brain

Boost Your Energy

Nootropics give you a natural surge in energy, without the unpleasant side effects of jitters, anxiety or headaches

Improved Sleep and Reduced Stress

Nootropics are bio-regulators, meaning they naturally help your body adapt to stress by relaxing your brains and balancing your cortisol levels (which also helps you sleep)

Optimise Brain Health and Prevent Cognitive Decline

Supplements such as Zinc can fight off free radicals, which reduces cell damage in the brain and optimises brain and health function

After a week of taking these gummies, I think that improved sleep and reduced stress has been the biggest factor. After partying hard after exams and picking up a cold, the gummies have really helped me to bounce back energetically through regulating sleep and getting me ready to face the day! I like to take them with breakfast in the morning, and the yuzu, matcha and mango flavour is tasty and refreshing. I even feel like I don’t reach for a coffee as often as I used to.

yield nootropics

Founders of YIELD describe their mission as to expand human potential as organically as possible; after all, nature has all the properties available to help us achieve exceptional feats. In the future, they see themselves becoming the most innovative supplement company in the world, and using this growth to give back to the community in which they founded it.

YIELD boasts the highest premium quality through being using a fully traceable natural process and high quality natural ingredients. All nootropic gummies are also independently lab tested.

YIELD are currently offering free shipping over £25, a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, and even 30 minute delivery if you are currently residing in London!

Head over to YIELD’s website here and use code GFYIELD20 for 20% off!

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