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Forme Shaker: Your Forever Protein Shaker 

If you’re tired of protein shakers that leak, clump, and just don’t get the job done right, then we’re here to put you on to the answer to all your protein related prayers.

The Forme shaker is the only protein shaker you’ll ever need, with its sleek design, durable construction, and leak-proof lid.

At £35 it is a bit spendy compared to other protein shakers, but you can save 20% off that price with our Forme shaker discount code ‘GF20’. Either way, it is well worth the investment!

We know looks aren’t everything, but this bottle is just so much more visually appealing than most of the other protein shakers on the market. It’s available in four classic colours – Charcoal, Azure, Jungle, and Chalk – and is the perfect size to feel great in your hand and slot perfectly into your bag.

The Forme shaker is also perfect for anyone wanting to live a more sustainable lifestyle because this really can be your forever shaker. It’s made with stainless steel making it a great alternative to plastic shakers, and has all the useful features you’ll ever need in a functional, stylish shaker.

So let’s take a closer look; here’s what makes the Forme shaker stand out from the rest:

Secret Storage

The Forme shaker has a special storage container that locks into the base and can store up to 35g of supplements or snacks.

It’s perfect for popping a serving of protein powder in to mix in after a workout, or for any other supplements you might want to knock back on the go. And with its narrow diameter, pouring from the container is lovely and easy.

Super Quiet Shaker

FORME - the modern-day supplement shaker

Most protein shakers have that little metal whisk ball inside that helps you get a perfectly smooth shake, but we all know they’re not the quietest of things. 

The Forme shaker gives you the same smooth, lump-free results but without any of the racket, thanks to their silent shaker mechanism.

Stainless Steel Body

So much sleeker than your old plastic shaker, this one is made with stainless steel which will last you for endless post-workout shakes and is a more eco-friendly choice. 

The Forme shaker also has double-wall insulation which means it can keep cold drinks cold for up to 12 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 8.

Leak-proof Lid 

forme shaker

Never worry about your bottle leaking in your gym bag thanks to the built-in seals on the Forme shaker which make it reliably leak-proof.

The design of the lid on the shaker also means that the part you drink from is kept covered until the moment you open it, so you know it’s hygienic and germ-free.

Soft Silicone Base

It might seem a strange feature to mention, but we love the silent, strangely satisfying feeling you get when you put the Forme shaker down on a hard surface thanks to its soft, silicone base!

Stylish, silent, and seriously functional, this really is the only protein shaker you’ll ever need. And with Forme’s fast and free shipping across the UK you can have yours in your hand within 3 days of ordering.

Forme Discount Code

Get your hands on one of these gorgeous shakers for less with our Forme shaker discount code. Just add the colour of your choice to your online basket and then use our unique code GF20 at the checkout to get an awesome 20% off.

Visit the website here to shop now.

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