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mattdoesfitness exposes uk school system

MattDoesFitness Exposes UK School Systems

Matt Morsia, AKA MattDoesFitness, recently sat down with Mike Thurston for a long chat where they discussed everything from sponsorship deals to family life. And one of the most potentially controversial things they talked about was Matt’s take on the UK school system.

Having worked as a PE teacher before his YouTube career took off, Matt’s got a lot of first-hand experience of what life is like in UK schools. And with 2 kids of his own now he’s still got a personal interest in the system and how effective it is for both education and preparing children for the world outside of school.

So what is Matt’s take on the whole thing?

Well first of all, he’s clearly still massively supportive of teachers and feels pretty passionately that they, along with the kids, are being let down by the government and the people who put the curriculums together.

He tells Mike, “The issue is that people that control the professions, the people that make the calls in the government, haven’t been teachers before, they have no idea what it entails”.

So all the targets and standards are being set by people who have no idea what life in schools is actually like. And the result is that teachers are pushed to breaking point, spending endless hours on ‘box ticking’ exercises and other pointless activities that don’t actually benefit the kids.

It’s not fair to the teachers, and it’s really not fair to the kids who have no say at all in the matter. Listening to Matt talk about it all, it’s not hard to see why he chose to leave the world of teaching once his YouTube channel became popular!

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