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monster X lewis hamilton

Pengerzz Tattoos Rates Monster x Lewis Hamilton Energy Drink Collab

Lewis Hamilton, a world-renowned seven-time Formula 1 World Champion driver, teamed up with Monster Energy to introduce a fresh and exciting new energy drink with zero sugar. The Lewis Hamilton energy drink, which has hit the shelves, promises an electrifying fusion of flavours and an energy boost like no other. Recently, Pengerezz Tattoos had the opportunity to try out this exciting beverage, and here’s what he thought of the drink.

Lewis Hamilton x Monster Energy Drink Review

Pengerezz, a renowned UK tattooist,  thought the design was unique, sporting a sleek and vibrant can design featuring Hamilton’s name and Monster Energy’s signature claw marks. The packaging exudes a sense of speed and power, capturing consumers’ attention with its eye-catching aesthetics. It’s not surprising famous artist Mad Dog Jones was the brain behind the design.

On tasting the drink, he was hit with the irresistible peach nectarine flavour. The energy drink, which is great for vegans, contains zero calories and sugar. Also, the peach flavour strikes a pleasant balance, neither overwhelming nor too subtle, making it an enjoyable beverage for a wide range of palates.

The Lewis Hamilton energy drink delivers a powerful surge of energy, providing the much-needed kick for those seeking an extra boost. Whether pulling an all-nighter or hitting the gym, this collaboration has you covered.

With its striking packaging, tantalizing flavour profile, and potent energy boost, this collaboration is a winning formula. Next, check out Veloforte Chews: Serious Energy Delivered! 

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