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vitl vitamin and protein bar

Discover the Energising Power of Vitl Vitamin & Protein Bars

Do you often feel like you could use a dose of superhero strength in your everyday life? Look no further. Vitl introduces its newest hero in the world of nutrition: the Vitl Vitamin & Protein Bar. The bar delivers an incredible 143 Kcal and 14g of protein, all in a sinfully delicious package.

If your daily grind involves heavy workouts or a non-stop schedule, the Vitl Vitamin & Protein Bar is an ideal choice. This nutrient-filled powerhouse serves as a perfect post-workout or post-party recovery snack, offering a much-needed boost when you’re on the move. It’s the easiest and most indulgent way to ramp up your protein intake and replenish vital nutrients, all without sacrificing taste.

vitl vitamin and protein bar

Falling somewhere between dessert and a health supplement, the Vitl Vitamin & Protein Bar comes in a tantalising chocolate and caramel blend that is bound to tempt even the strictest health aficionado. But this isn’t just a sugar fix. It’s a vitamin bomb, loaded with 11 different nutrients, and brimming with protein, fibre, magnesium, iron, and folic acid, the essential elements to revitalise your body and mind.

Curious about what goes inside? Every Vitl Vitamin & Protein Bar boasts a wealth of beneficial ingredients. Folic acid and iron join forces to combat fatigue, while vitamin B5 aids mental performance. And it’s not just what’s on the inside. On the outside, a layer of crispy cocoa topping coated in rich milk chocolate adds a delightful crunch to the experience. In the centre, a velvety salted caramel filling lends a creamy and gooey texture. All of these ingredients rest on a bed of melt-in-the-mouth caramel dough, giving the full experience of a silky, caramel treat, enrobed in chocolate and finished with a crispy topping.

Despite the all-inclusive nutrient profile, the Vitl Vitamin & Protein Bar isn’t suited for everyone. The bars contain collagen peptides sourced from bovine and milk, making them unsuitable for vegetarians and the lactose intolerant. They are also produced in a facility that handles gluten, nuts, and peanuts, hence, they can’t be guaranteed as gluten or nut-free.

vitl vitamin and protein bar

However, for the protein-seeker and the vitamin-chaser, this delicious, energising snack is waiting to supercharge your day! Ready to activate your superpowers? Choose Vitl Vitamin & Protein Bars – goodness on the go.

Visit the website here now to shop.

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