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Keto Meal Prep company Green Chef

The Keto Meal Prep Company You Need To Use

What if I told you that you can now get Keto meal prep recipes and all of the ingredients to create them delivered straight to your humble abode? Well, thanks to Green Chef that’s now possible.

Benefits of Keto

If you’re new to the Keto meal prep diet you’ve probably only heard it referenced in corny American films and TV programs.

The stereotypical image-conscious Angelino clutching a chihuahua while publically denouncing carbs – something like that?

If that’s the case, let us take you through some of the facts of a Keto diet and introduce you to Green Chef, the meal prep company making the switch a doddle. 

Keto Meal Prep

The Ketogenic ‘Keto’ diet is high in good fats, moderate in protein, and low in sugars and carbohydrates

There are, however, different types of Keto diets you can follow, so it’s definitely not just a one size fits all plan or something that’s exclusively for women after the supermodel frame as scriptwriters might have you believe.

Foods that are generally considered ‘Keto-friendly’ in moderation are fish, such as salmon, non-starchy vegetables, cheese, eggs, fresh meat and poultry, oils such as coconut and olive oil, nuts and seeds, and plain greek yogurt. 

Following a Keto diet helps your body enter a state called Ketosis, where it will begin to use up fat as an energy source. 

In the liver, fat is turned into Ketones, an energy supply for the brain. As a result of Ketosis, blood sugar and insulin levels are significantly reduced.

But there are a few very common errors people make when eating a Keto meal prep diet. For example, eating high levels of saturated fats is a less healthy approach to following a Keto diet. However, a healthier approach would be consuming ‘good fats’.

Eating more fat than you burn off through Ketosis can result in the body storing fat too, so it’s important that you get the balance right when planning your keto meals.

Green Chef

Enter Green Chef. The brand’s Keto diet plan offers recipes that feature healthier fats which add flavour in abundance to its dishes. 

What’s more, if you’re just starting out, the keto meal prep delivery makes it easy to enjoy great-tasting dishes specially designed for the Keto diet. That means no more studying the back of labels and wrappers trying to work out if a meal or ingredient fits with your macros

Keto Meal Prep Green Chef Box

Most people who follow a Keto diet try to limit their carbohydrate intake to 50g or less per day. Green Chef keto recipes contain 20g or less of carbohydrates.

The expert team has excluded ingredients like bread, pasta, rice, and high-sugar vegetables so you can enjoy hassle-free Keto-friendly meals right to your door. 

So, what meals can you get delivered in your Green Chef Keto in the UK?

Next week’s Keto recipes include a Bunless Beef Burger with Avocado Salad and Balsamic Onions, Pork Steaks in Sage Brown Butter with Cheesy Cali Mash and Spring Greens, and Massaman Chicken Thigh Curry with Zesty Cauli Rice and Green Beans.

If your mouth isn’t yet watering, then how about Chipotle Pork Lettuce Tacos with Guacamole and Cheddar Cheese, or Aubergine Parmigiana with Fresh Pesto and Rocket?

Keto Meal Prep

The cost of Keto

Green Chef’s most popular Keto box provides four meals for two people per week. It costs £47.50 which works out to just over £5.95 per portion. For a fresh Keto meal delivered ready to cook, that is not to be sniffed at. 

If you’re feeding your whole family Keto then Green Chef also has an option that is perfect for you. Its largest box contains enough food for four people to enjoy a balanced Keto meal four times a week. Priced at £79, each portion costs an affordable £4.94. 

To welcome you to the Keto family Green Chef is offering customers 40% off their first two boxes and 25% off the next two after that.

If you want an even bigger discount (who doesn’t)  then use the promo code KETOGYM at the checkout Here.

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